Sunday, May 17, 2015

River monster found at River Park

 A large carp was found along shore at Columbia River Park on Saturday.

 It was well over 30 inches long. There were no signs of lesions or other abnormalities, as were discovered recently on other fish in the Susquehanna.

But it may have died from a deep wound on its side.  
A victim of bowfishing?


  1. The bowfishing sport is stupid and should be banned. If you kill prey, you should be prepared to consume or at the very least, remove and dispose of properly. Why does everyone else have to be blinded by their boat lights,generator noise and dead fish floating along shorelines. Total bullsh$t!!!

  2. Probably die off from spawning. The water temperature is just about right for that now. I haven't seen many bow fishing boats around Columbia for some time now.