Friday, May 1, 2015

Ribbon-cutting at Trail Services Building

The ribbon was cut, and the Trail Services Building was officially opened today at Columbia River Park.


  1. This was an upbeat, fun day for Columbia. A great turnout and everyone seemed happy.

  2. Happy until they see the costs to the boro come in. As a business person, I just can't see this building coming close to covering its costs. Way more building than was needed for the job.

    1. They will be renting the building out on Mondays and Tuesdays in addition to anytime after 5pm every other day of the week.

    2. The Borough Website's listing of grant funding for this, and other projects, suggests that everyone in the state paid for the project with taxes.

      Grant funding comes through tax revenue.

      In 2012, the 2nd phase, also supported through Keystone funds, was completed and connected the Borough’s downtown business district to Riverfront Park, incorporating façade and street improvements, ADA access across the existing railroad tracks, and a trail width sidewalk which connects the park to Lancaster County’s Northwest River Trail. The park serves as the southern trailhead of the Northwest River Trail. In 2013, the borough acquired additional Keystone funding for the construction of the Park & Trail Services Building.

  3. The boro is responsible for the operating costs of this monstrosity. The heating & cooling, electric, insurance, security,& many other maint issues that WILL arise. WAY MORE BUILDING THAN WAS NEEDED.
    I didn't see Rapho put a building on the other end.

  4. Yes. Exactly. Tried to inform all Borough Mgmt of this about 8 years one listens. The bldg while beautiful is out of place....1 smaller bldg would have been sufficient. No green space left. The architiect was not a good choice and should have been left go before it even got to the final plans/blueprints. She definitely had NO idea.
    Yes it will cost the Boro $$$$ for janitors, electric, heat, cooling, security, clean up AND advertising.