Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Patrol could help at Columbia Park - LNP Letter to the Editor


  1. Look into how many police we have working and much of a cut in force there was. Most of the time there are only two per shift, budgets affect our safety in town. They come when I need them. Call 911, take video turn them in.

    1. not all people have video recorder or phones with cameras. what about the security camera in the park??? beside if you get to close to the subject to take a picture it is sure not going to end well for either party. I heard it was not worth the paper work to write up these kids. and this came from a police officer. so it sounds like a new plan needs implemented don't you think.

  2. okay not to be disrespectful. but FYI.. there are certain times each day that these teenagers are in the Park. anytime after 4pm during the week, can't miss them. And after 2pm on weekends after they get their lazy bodies out of bed.
    it is really a damn shame when you see parents dropping off carry out food to their teens and then they trash the place with litter.

  3. There are plenty of cops around town. Three cars in one block on a couple of recent calls. What happened to the mayor saying that the police were going to start walking in designated sections. Did this ever even begin yet? How about starting with the park.