Monday, May 25, 2015

Notes on last week's Call Center meeting

Due to time constraints, a full article will not be posted as planned on this site about last week's meeting concerning the proposed call center. However, reporter's notes (i.e, not a final article) can be accessed by clicking HERE

Click HERE for LNP's summary of the call center issue.


  1. This does not sound like anything more than a private business venture, to be largely funded by the borough.

  2. Generally speaking one has to pass a civil service exam prior to even being considered for a job with the commonwealth. No guarantee that anyone living here in Columbia could get a job at this call center. No guarantee that those coming in to work here will spend a dime in the boro. It is a total risk with the use of taxpayer money. Little to no benefit for the boro.

  3. I worked where parking became landlocked and the township refused to allow expansion of parking lot area. A private shuttle service was established and the workers quickly became disgruntled. Anyone that has had to hunt for parking or depend on a shuttle knows that frustration. When I took my next job, parking was one of my first questions.