Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New sign at Salsa's Mexican Grille

Salsa's Mexican Grille at 15th Street and Route 462 . . . 

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  1. I was really excited but totally disappointed! I love Mexican, been there more time than I can count. I told people I was going and they said, let us know how it is. I ordered the combo platter so I could try as many things in one sitting. Everything was terrible. The taco meat had no flavor. The enchilada was the smallest I have seen and barely any sauce on top. The worst part was the Tostada, I love these. They usually have cilantro and avocado on them in mexico. Here in the US its lettuce and tomatoes.. Well at Salsa's Its a corn tortilla with taco meat and cheese.. We call this a NACHO! Oh and I almost forgot.. they even forgot one of my 2 tacos that I was supposed to have. The waitress was rude, I said this all isn't very good when she asked and her response was. well your the first to say its bad since we have opened. Needless to say, those who asked got my opinion, now everyone else has as well.