Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hoodlums in the park - More enforcement needed


  1. The mayor said (recently) that the kids should be allowed to throw Frisbees and balls in the park. I hope people seated on the benches, reading or talking, don't get hit in the head. We were standing in the park one day talking and nearly hit by skateboarders that deliberately came as close as possible. You can't touch them cause they are under 18. The cops just don't care about this.

    1. Tell the Mayor he is wrong again. The Park is not a playground. and about the Police having presence at the River Park well that sucks!! I guess the Park is now secondary to the COSTLY River PARK...........

  2. You are not allowed to skateboard in the park the police should do there job and keep the kids from hanging out in the park!!!

  3. The police drive through river park, but do not stop violators. I saw them drive past kids breaking the regulations.

  4. "There job" or their job?