Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hit and Run at Third and Poplar

A hit-and-run vehicle accident occurred shortly after 5 o'clock this afternoon at Third and Poplar. Reportedly, a pickup truck collided with the vehicle shown below.  According to a witness at the scene, the pickup, a silver Toyota Tundra with three middle-aged male occupants initially stopped after the accident. The truck driver parked in front of the car after the car had pulled over, but then sped away, traveling west on Poplar Street and then south on Second.


  1. I wonder why when Mildred Brown who was hit and killed on 3rd and Walnut the news and law-enforcement wouldn't allow anyone to publish pictures and the responsible person's name but in this case here they are aloud to be post pictures? I guess that is at the Officers discretion though eh? to pick and choose who they will crucify and puplically announce and who they won't. Some justice system. Americans should be proud of that. If you hit another vehicle and run regardless of any alleged injuries your pictures and information is public. However YOu hit someone with your car killing them like poor '"sis" and the folks are not only protected by police and media they are allowed to remain that way. What about the Curry case she didn't even kill anyone just defended herself and that was high profile case.....names and untrue reports came out right away on that one. What's the difference and how come the law gets to pick and choose how they will or won't protect the very judicial system they claim to later uphold as they also claim to be tough on crimes? Which crimes are they tough on really?

  2. I think the police need to "police" 3rd St. much better than this. There was another car hit in the 100 block a few weeks ago. Isn't it funny that they are getting 18 wheel trucks off of 3rd but I don't ever recall an accident involving one of them on 3rd St.