Saturday, May 9, 2015

Columbia teachers need dose of reality - Letters To The Editor


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  1. I can understand the authors concern but this issue goes much deeper and directly to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Remember “hope and change”? How is that working out. The current occupant certainly has made change, such as;
    -Our power and respect among foreign countries is at is lowest.

    -Race relations our lower than what they were in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    -More people are on some sort of government assistance than ever before.

    -Health care costs continue to dramatically increase even though the occupant assured us the ACA would prevent such increases.

    There was a time when the culture of our country was to help those who were down by giving them the tools to lift themselves up, if they chose to do so. Today, we take those who worked hard to get to a high level of living and pull them down. After all, shouldn’t we all be equal, even if you don’t want to work hard? (Sarcasm intended.)

    As for the authors concern about cadillac insurance plans, he does not have to worry for long as the 40% excise tax on such plans will go in effect in 2018 and no employer will be able to afford them. As for this tax, it was implemented as there is a belief that people who hold such plans abuse them by see their doctor too often or using the emergency room too often. This is completely false. I had one of these plans and knew many fellow employees who had them as well. None of us abused our plans. In fact, the few times I had to use the emergency room, for an actual emergency, I had to wait while those on public assistance clogged the ER waiting to see the doctor for their cold symptoms .

    Keep drinking the kool-aid folks, we will soon resemble Venezuela.