Thursday, May 28, 2015

Codes department executes search warrant for Perry Street property

Residents have occasionally criticized the codes department, often with just cause, but the department has recently been pursuing resolution to code issues at 320 Perry Street.

 This notice, dated May 6, references several code violations.

And this is a posting of an application for a search warrant.


  1. According to this code, a structure is unfit for human occupancy if it is unsanitary (among other items listed). So why was sewer water leaking into the Hawn property on Walnut Street not a reason to condemn that rental unit? Code department cites who they want, when they want.

  2. Ah, the consistency of inconsistency within the codes department.

  3. i believe THIS property has been a "problem property" along with many many more...for many years. nothing changes. it's absolutely ridiculous. a laughing stock. what the heck does boro council think? doing nothing makes the ugly dept go away????