Friday, May 1, 2015

Bravo LNP, you got it right!

Arrested speech over home rule in Conestoga Township:
"Meetings have rules of order, to be sure, but the American right to freedom of speech, while not absolute, still trumps a municipal official's desire to enforce a rule that seemed aimed at the content of attendees' speech."


  1. Surprised this hasn't happen at a Columbia council meeting long before this. It was a power hungry, idiotic move!!! Glad to see other municipalities getting a black eye instead of Columbia. Maybe things ARE changing for us :-)

  2. wow. glad someone besides columbia is in the headlines but guess what. columbia did that many years ago, to an elderly gentleman who gave years and years and years of service to this boro just because they didn't want him to talk, didn't want to hear what his opinion was.... and yes the police took him out of the mtg. i said at the time that EVERY council person and boro mgmt - boro mgr, mayor, etc SHOULD be sued for that horrific move. what a slap on the face, punch to the stomach and kick to the head. absolutely unforgiveable.

    1. Wow picking on an old innocent man that's no surprise. They pick on whoever they feel they can.
      What a disgrace

  3. I was at that meeting and had to take the podium right after McGinness was escorted out by the police. I was appalled at the way this elderly gentleman was treated and I publicly told council that immediately. We are all taxpayers and we all deserve a chance to speak. If that goes beyond the 5 minute rule, then take the extra time from all the residents that do not attend or speak at the meetings.

  4. council IS a J O K E .....IF they weren't a joke, they would have taken control of the ridicupous codes dept a few years ago. what a BLATANT waste of taxpayer money. AND they HIRED MORE CODE ENFORCERS>