Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ashley Curry's Justice Fund

Ashley Curry

A fund has been set up for Ashley Curry's legal fees.

The backstory - from the funding site:
"On Feb. 3rd, 2015 Ashley Curry was harassed and assaulted and in defending herself was wrongfully charged for exercising her 2nd amendment right."

For more information and to access the site, go HERE.


Anonymous said...

hope all goes well for miss curry !

Anonymous said...

The charges should be dropped ... 100 % support for miss curry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Umber Curry's trial is on July 18th since no one else braod casted that thought maybe you would.

Also, I will leave a link to the importance of Gun Shot Residue of which none was collected or processed at the scene. The forensic unit available to process scene was called off by local yocal police... This is evidence that could have established facts of Curry's self defense beyond any doubt..... The jury will also be presented with these alarming facts...
So since your a local reporter thought you'd want first dibs in asking why forensic unit wasn't used in a shooting case? Care to get us public the scoop.... ?

Why wouldn't law enforcement use a forensic team in a shooting case???? I know why cause if they did they wouldn't have a case against Curry... Self Defense would have beyond any doubt been proven but when you have a prosecutor who will let known thugs on probation possess crack pipes while high on drugs such will be the case such will be the case.....
Hey Mr. Umber how about doing a story about the crack creatures of columbia and how they can be on probation, and crack at the same time and also not be charged for such???

Please keep us posted? Since no other news will??
Here's that GSR link