Sunday, May 31, 2015

Accident scene investigation at 2nd & Chestnut

Accident reconstruction personnel were still on the scene of this afternoon's accident at the intersection of North Second and Chestnut Streets, three hours after the incident. The intersection was still shut down, but traffic to and from the Veterans Memorial Bridge was routed through the entrance and exit roads at the bridge.


  1. Excellent photos Cole!

  2. There are a lot of accidents at that intersection.

    1. I have been living on this block all my life and it is true. People don't stop at the side streets and are in a big rush to get no where that they don't look at cars coming down from and to the bridge. We sit on our porch and watch.. it's a shame

  3. Thanks for the pictures. LNP had none.

  4. I guess it is an assumption that the car was at fault although as far as the car was pushed away from the accident one would have to wonder how fast the motorcycle was moving