Monday, April 6, 2015

What I saw recently

 Antique light fixture in Avenue I

 Sidewalk worship service on Walnut Street

 Let's hope we get some good ones soon.

 Replacing a utility pole near Manor School

 Classic car on Manor

 Brucekie's dress code.
This should become a borough ordinance.

 The former Vigilant Fire Company, now the Amvets

 Apparently, the ghosts of history still reside there.

 Alley(way) cat

Stirrin' up dust at the Columbia Water Company 

 Whatever this is at Tollbooth Antiques

 Back to that utility pole project

Two more original bridge light fixtures spotted, this time in York County on Lucky Lane . . .

Speaking of the bridge, here's a view from Mount Pisgah.


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. My hat's off, literally, on your comment about Bruskies dress code. Could not agree more.

    1. When you see these clowns walking around with their underwear hanging out, don't you want to just walk up behind them and give them the biggest wedgie ever!!!!!

  2. Very good pictured!!!