Saturday, April 4, 2015

What I saw recently

 A batmobile speeding out of frame

 At the trail services building


 Skating - in defiance of the edicts!

 This one

and this one (?)

 Complaint on Ironville Pike

 Heading back to the station

 Another unattended circular saw

 Soggy phone books

 Time for a bath

 In a private puddle

 All alone

 Well, that didn't pan out!


 and citizenry

 Lunar eclipse

 Patient passenger

 Stuck in time

 Sounding off

 Bypass construction

So why not convert this abandoned lot at 2nd & Bridge for parking?


  1. Parking for who ?

    1. That lot is the future site of the 10 story hotel with the windmill remember.

    2. I remember. Lancaster News Papers ran an artist rendition of the hotel. Wish I could find that.

  2. Great pictures Cole! Love the boxer, the moon, the clock and wild life.

  3. Nice pics and hopefully some type of lock system was being used on them saws if not that's concerning with all the kids running around town.

  4. The empty lot across from bootleg antiques would make a perfect area for overflow parking. The river park has limited parking and since the new building is there now, parking spaces may become an issue. That empty lot is only used for the circus, which we can learn to live without. The mattress building is an eyesore. The lot at the end of Locust street is often used by people going on bus trips. Columbia wants visitors, so create parking for them. It could be a flat paved lot, no need to fence it like the lot on Locust.

  5. The Borough wants it to be a place for festivals and live performances like they have on the beaches of California. People can park along the Streets. It would be a shame to take out green space for a paved parking lot !