Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Police chase ends on Manor Street

A police chase through East and West Hempfield this afternoon ended near Fifteenth and Manor Streets in Columbia when an East Hempfield police cruiser blocked the path of the suspect's vehicle. The suspect then fled on foot but was quickly apprehended by police at about 4:30 p.m. The suspect has been identified as Joshua Oscar Welsh, 39, of Wrightsville, who fled the scene after attempting to rob Integrity Bank on Centerville Road. Seven vehicles from the three jurisdictions were involved in the pursuit.

 An East Hempfield officer documents damage to the side of a cruiser where the suspect's car collided.

Columbia Borough and West Hempfield police survey the scene.

 Damage to the front of the suspect's vehicle can be seen here.

 The suspect's vehicle being loaded onto a truck from Midway Collision Shop.

The suspect's vehicle was taken to the borough impound garage.

Details to follow.


Anonymous said...

My grandson reported seeing the cops chasing a car on ironville pike. He was riding the school bus home at the time.

Anonymous said...

None of the other media reported anything on this. LNP reported a bird holding up traffic and where to get e good burger!

Anonymous said...

Saw it here first. LNP picked it up yesterday. Attempted bank robbery story.