Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opening on Borough Council

The Borough is accepting letters of interest for Councilwoman Jody Gable's term of office due to her recent resignation.
Eligible citizens are encouraged to submit a letter of interest and a brief statement of qualifications to Ron Miller, acting borough manager.
The basic qualification to serve on Borough Council is to be a registered voter and resident of the Borough. Councilors must have resided in the borough continuously for at least one year before being elected. To qualify as a voter, a person must be eighteen years of age and a resident of the election district.
Borough Offices: 308 Locust Street, Columbia PA 17512 | Phone: 717-684-2467


  1. I sincerely hope someone has interest in serving to represent the people of Columbia. Those "people" need to step away from Facebook for a couple hours to attend a council meeting. They need to educate themselves on important issues rather than taking simple polls about coffee and pickles. Who cares whether you prefer dill or sweet.

    1. I know. Polls on coffee, eggs, and pickles. WTH?