Sunday, April 19, 2015

More on Avenue J

In response to the post about Avenue J, this website recently received an anonymous comment containing several assertions presented as "facts." The comment is published with the original post, but is also posted here with our responses to the assertions.

"Fact 1 - Mary apologized to Mayor Lutz and the Borough council for allowing her name to be associated with this issue. Bob misrepresented this issue to her, in order to use her name to garner names on his petition, since Mary's good name carries weight in this town. Mary's good heart always causes her to seek the best in people, so she would not think that someone might be using her. To my knowledge, none of the residents of South Second were approached to sign the petition (except for those not directly affected, and if they signed, it was only out of respect for Mary's name)."

RESPONSE:  NO. In a phone call to Mary this afternoon, she stated that she did not, in fact, apologize to Mayor Lutz or the borough council.  Her exact response was "Never." She also said Bob did not misrepresent the issue to her. (The commenter needs to elaborate on this alleged "misrepresentation.") Mary presented her concerns to council at the March 23, 2015 meeting of the whole, as did Bob.  The audio of that presentation is posted at the top of this article in an excerpt from the meeting.
Yes, her name carries a lot of weight this town.  She is highly respected and has done a lot for Columbia.

"Fact 2 - Rich and Ann (the homeowners who adjoin the alleyway in question) have been mowing the grass and raking leaves in Ave. J as far back as when Ralph and Leo McBride lived in the Bachman Mansion (now owned by Jeane), which means they've been maintaining it for well over 20 years."


"Fact 3 - The condition of Ave J has not changed one bit in the last 25 years. Any assertion to that affect is a pure lie."

RESPONSE: Not one bit?  That's very hard to believe.  Even the Law of Entropy says otherwise.

"Fact 4 - This Blog article was submitted to this blog only after Bob was shot down at the Borough meeting ... The same meeting where Mayor Lutz gave his phone number to residents on South Second Street and asked the residents to call him first, and then the police if Bob continues his harassment of the neighbors on the block."

RESPONSE:  The Avenue J article was written by a representative of this website from an interview with Mary in her home this past Thursday.  (Was there a meeting since Thursday?) Again, Mary and Bob presented their case to council at the March 23, 2015 meeting of the whole. Neither one was "shot down." 

"Fact 5 - The couching of this article under the guise of concern for the historical significance of this alleyway, is just a smokescreen to hide a personal vendetta that Bob has towards residents in the block. He introduces himself to new tenants that he is the Mayor of South Second Street and/or the "bitch" of South Second Street."

RESPONSE: Opinion. Hearsay. Unsubstantiated allegations.

"Fact 6 - This neighborhood has good people in it who are long term residents, and we never had this kind of tension until Bob moved into the neighborhood. The local police department is tired of having to answer calls where Bob is the center of conflicts (especially when it is the response to public drunkenness)."

RESPONSE: Same as previous.

"Opinion: It is the irresponsible publishing of articles without talking to Mary, the Mayor, the police department which is aware of the harassment going on in the neighborhood by one individual, or other residents on the block (taking one person's word as fact), which causes Columbia to continue to be the joke of Lancaster County, and undermines the effort of this good Mayor, the Historical Society (not to be confused with HARB when it was first organized), and many others in this town who are promoting all the things that are good about this town."

RESPONSE: As you stated: Opinion.  This website went right to the source in talking to Mary (and Bob), as well as being present at the aforementioned meeting.

"Please be responsible when using a public forum, before casting aspersions on people's good names. And be wary of individuals who name drop to give credence to their assertions."

RESPONSE: We were responsible.  We went straight to the source.

"I expect better of this forum. This article should be removed since it is filled with misinformation."



Anonymous said...

Any more drama and it will be a Netflix series.

Joe Lintner said...

Good idea

Anonymous said...

Yeah, except a Netflix series you can turn off. Some people don't respect other peoples opinions and have a mute/off option for their own.

Anonymous said...

While it's nice that someone did "mow" Avenue J over the years, that is not the upkeep that it needs to maintain it's original character. It must be weeded to keep the bricks in place. Anytime weeds and grass grow between bricks, it serves to loosen their position in the ground. The ground erodes over the years and also serves to loosen bricks and cobblestones. They should be routinely inspected to ensure they remain intact. The curb helped by serving as a retaining wall of sorts. It has a rough end which appears as if sometime (perhaps long ago) it was partially removed. Dumping stones there (as was suggested) is going to make it look like a partially finished construction project. Cheap, an eyesore in the historic district.

Anonymous said...

Are the neighbors conducting sobriety tests? I'm not so sure that anyone else did either.

Anonymous said...

what a circus! Please leave Mary Loreto out of it. She's much too good of a person who is highly regarded and respected in this town. Take the drama somewhere else. Mary Loreto has done so much good for this town for many decades! Thank you Mary Loreto.

Anonymous said...

Some folks cannot understand the printed word, nor can they hear and understand when its spoken clearly for them.