Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meeting of the Whole April 27, 2015

Agenda (Click for larger view.)

Quick summary of meeting highlights:

Present: Councillors Ford, Murphy, Smith, Beury, Weisser, and Barninger; Acting Borough Manager Ron Miller, Finance Manager Georgianna Schreck.
Absent: Mayor Lutz and borough solicitor

Presentation by Daisy Pagan regarding management of Northwest River Trail Services Building:
Daisy Pagan of Perfect Settings stated (regarding building rental):  "It's about quality not quantity." She said it could be rented every weekend, but there are "enough fire halls" to cover other events.  She has her own list of caterers that she would use.  She suggested that she and the borough split rental fees 50/50.  She attended the meeting with a 3-year contract in hand, stipulating $9,000 a year over the course of the contract, plus a commission on each event. 

Jim Cox of Chiques Rock Outfitters spoke regarding the River Park:
Cox began by thanking the police department for apprehending a man that crashed into his vehicles on Lancaster Avenue.

He wants to install a vending machine for bait and miscellaneous items related to fishing and boating.  He has to have electricity and a cement pad to do so.  If the borough approves, he will need a permit to proceed.  

He also presented an offer to the borough regarding the cleaning of the restrooms in the Trail Services building.  He offered to clean them twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays, if the borough does not raise his rent for space in the park.  The borough custodial staff will clean them on weekdays.  

Claire Storm was present and spoke about a letter she hand presented to the office for council:  
Council knew nothing about the letter.  They believe it may have gone to Jeff Helm.  Claire requested use of the Trail Services Building on August 16th for a church picnic (St. Peters).  She requested a timely answer.  

Mary Loreto discussed Avenue J:
Mary Loreto stated that she had spoken to Mayor Lutz on the phone, and he suggested that Avenue J could be divided, with half given to each property bordering it: 120 and 106 South Second Street.  She also stated that the Mayor proposed dumping stones in the alley.  She proposed closing the avenue at each end (South Second Street and Bank Avenue).  She suggested that Ron Miller could apply for a grant for necessary improvements such as exposing the original bricks.  (Jim Smith implied that grants are hard to come by anymore.)  She added that Chis Vera, president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society, plans to take walking tours down Avenue J.  She also stated that there is plenty of on-street parking along South Second Street, although some residents have argued that parking is a problem. Council President Beury suggested enough time has been spent on the matter.  Several residents of South Second Street were also present and voiced opinions.  Councillor Barninger stated that no more than two council members may go to Avenue J at a time or else it has to be advertised. Beury said he does not want to take away anyone's rights, in regard to the parking space in back of 120 South Second.  No one from that residence was present at the meeting.  Ash Alley presented a bit of confusion for some members of council.  Only two council members stated that they actually walked both Avenue J and Ash Alley and not necessarily at the same time, as was discussed at the March meeting.
Columbia Borough Police patrol Avenue J on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. third time i commented. NO to Jum Cox...no bait. Raise his rent anyway. It's a sin the change they charge him.
    NO to Daisy...the Boro does NOT need a middleman to pay. A 3 yr contract??????? Surely you jest. Wake up. this Boro is going under.