Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dog dragged by truck, then abandoned

Police  are investigating a case of animal cruelty. Authorities say a woman tied a male dog by the neck onto the bed of a white pickup truck and drove along the 300 block of Maple Street in Columbia. While en route, the dog fell from the truck and was dragged down the street. The woman allegedly stopped the vehicle, cut off the rope and drove off.
Columbia Police are asking anyone with more information to come forward. 
The "Help Find Sophie" Facebook page is asking people to share a post about this canine to help authorities locate the owner, who is expected to face animal cruelty charges. 
Animal rescuers say the dog appears to be about 10-months to one-year old. He is currently being cared for at a local shelter. 


Anonymous said...

How could anyone do that?

Joe Lintner said...

Some people are heartless.