Sunday, April 26, 2015


Recently, the name of this site changed from "Columbia PA 17512" to COLUMBIA SPY.


Because . . .

  • It's shorter and easier to say "Columbia Spy" than "Columbia PA 17512" when someone asks the name of the site. It's also easier to remember.
  • Similarly, it's easier to say instead of when asked the site's URL (web address).
  • Columbia Borough is steeped in . . . HISTORY.  "Columbia Spy" has a certain archaic yet appealing ring to it, connected as it is to the original publication, "The Columbia Spy." The name of this site is a tribute to that former publication. It's much too good and evocative a name to be left sitting forgotten on the shelf of history, gathering dust (even though issues of the original can be retrieved digitally).
  • Last and probably least, this site's logo/avatar looks a lot like one of the spies in the cartoon "Spy vs Spy."