Monday, April 6, 2015

CEDC presentation 6 p.m. this Wednesday at 200 Locust

The nonprofit Columbia Economic Development Corporation hired a team of mostly Lancaster County redevelopment experts to explore Columbia, interview its business, government and other leaders, and plot a way forward for the underused downtown, said executive director Janice Nikoloff.
The consultants will make a public presentation of their findings 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 8 at 200 Locust St., Columbia.


  1. 50% of the large buildings that are suitable for antique malls are already being used by by antique malls, and they think we need 50% more antique malls ? It must be nice to get paid to tell people that whatever is already working will most likely keep on working ! And we paid them to tell us that we need to focus on the Market House ? This whole thing is getting to be the laughing stock of the community.

  2. What else can they say other than the taxes are too high for businesses to consider this town over other areas.

  3. is this meeting OPEN to the PUBLIC???????? OR is it INVITE only?

    1. The article says it's a public presentation, so I'm guessing it's open to the public.

  4. It has been advertised as open to the Public with free cookies. Word on the street is that hundreds of section 8 tenants up and down Locust and Second Street are coming in for free cookies !