Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vehicle into fire hydrant on Route 441

Emergency personnel and water company employees responded to the scene of an accident along Route 441 where a vehicle had sheared off a fire hydrant this afternoon. It took over three hours for crews to clear the scene and attend to the damaged hydrant. The accident scene was near a residence across from Sam Logan's bait shop.  Fire police shut down Route 441 between Plane and Mill Streets.

 As seen from the intersection of Route 441 and Mill Street.

 This helpful fellow radioed Columbia Fire Police Captain Mike Rhodes at our request to see if we could access the scene, but the captain replied in the negative, because "There's nothing to see."

Oh, there's the captain now. 
Sorry, captain, but where there's a will . . . 

 Another shot from 441 and Mill.

The repaired/replaced hydrant, and safety cones.

Unfortunately, no one placed signage at the scene where abundant water remained on the road.
At the time this photo was taken, the temp was already down to 32 degrees.


  1. The "captain" needs a lesson on how to deal with the media...