Thursday, March 19, 2015

The street sweeper is back . . .

with a vengeance!

It was stirring up the dust - I mean, sweeping the street - on Barber Street today.


  1. Very good pictures.

  2. The dust spreader!! This is just like the dust bowl in the west. Something should be done about this. The car wash is happy cha ching...cha ching... Kick backs are at work here!!

  3. Where was he on 9th street on Tuesday? The layer of salt/stone/debris was untouched. Literally NOT a speck was disturbed in any manner or fashion. Nothing. No tracks, no displacement. Nothing. Zilch. Not a tire track nor a "skid" mark.

    Meanwhile, even after the new placement of stop signs on certain corners of S. 9th street, drivers STILL barrel down the hill southward towards Lancaster Avenue at 35, 40 or more miles per hour. With warmer weather coming, it'll be much easier to hear the revving of engines as the mini speedway continues, 'round the clock.