Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunning on Sunday

A Cooper's Hawk on Barber Street this afternoon . . . 


  1. What a beautiful bird! Thanks for capturing this moment. We need only to look around to see all the wildlife right here living among us...truly a gift.

  2. Really really great pictures.

  3. Nice work as always!!! Thanks

  4. As i live on Barber and we have seen this hawk around a lot in the past few years- he will sit in my tree and the squirrels will tease him and he doesn't try to catch them or the birds at the feeder either. What is he waiting for??? Or is he wanting something better/??? He sure is awesome and quite huge but i don't trust him at all!

    1. I've seen a redtail around Barber Street for a while. At different times, I've seen him eviscerate a squirrel and tear apart a snake. He's pictured here in the 15th photo: