Friday, March 13, 2015

New Lancaster County mayors group targets heroin epidemic, plans summit

"Mayors are the eyes and ears of the people," said Columbia Mayor Leo Lutz, mayor association vice chair. "When someone has a problem, they get a hold of the mayor."

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  1. how about a summit in my back yard and ally to clean up all the spent needles layin around. so far about 50 of them over the last year and last year when walking my kids to school i found 3 layin used at the corner with the fountian across from park school. corner of fifth and locust... the same ones cvs sells no questions asked to highschool dropout junkies for about a dollar. I have seen them when i pick up my scripts every month. the staff at cvs said that was their policy at the time... all for clean needles but young adults or teenagers at best. scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF... columbia should rename the streets after pill manufacturers ... turn left on fizer and right on merk then straight to oxy ave....