Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Judge: No reduced bail for Ashley Curry

A Lancaster County judge has reinstated original bail conditions against a womancharged with shooting another woman last month in Columbia.
Ashley Rose Curry, an inmate at Lancaster County Prison, must now post $100,000 to make bail.


  1. There is a story in the news and videos on youtube of police ordering an innocent man to "crawl" to them on his hands and knees and they shoot him several times killing him claiming they were in fear. Maybe they the man is begging please don't shoot me"? His name was Daniel Shaver this happened in Phoenix AZ.... So to verify this story you can google and read reports from there...
    So if they felt endangered with a man crawling twards them on his hands and knees you can imagine what Miss Curry felt with 2 people more then twice her size coming at her at such close range..... who were not on their hands or knees.... Refer to the video on columbiapaonline facebook page cause news 8 certainly won't show it. Makes one wonder why?
    Perhaps Miss Curry should be cop she could teach them how to exercise extreme control when using a firearm and how not to "over kill/shoot" eh?

    1. More like she could teach Officers how to shoot only as much as is neccessary