Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I saw recently

 A good way to get a closer view of the river - or roll into it.

Some guys putting something into the ground near Columbia Kettle Works . . .

 Enjoy the new door at the water company office - you bought it.

 Has the breast cancer awareness campaign gone too far?

 666-TREE:  The root of evil?

 A murder of crows feasting on sumac buds . . .

Something didn't agree with this one near Ninth and Locust.

Trainspotters . . .  

There have been a number of oil train derailments this year: LINK

 Deer entrails?
This is still there on a borough road.
About a year ago there was a rib cage in the same spot.
Is this evidence of poaching?

 Look at those prices.  No wonder Tom's went out of business.

 Last fan standing?

 Obligatory bridge shot with snow on the river

Bradley the Cooper's Hawk at River Park


  1. Starting on a positive note: Your photos are great!!
    Now for the sad part, that sure looks like an embryo in the picture of the deer entrails. I cannot believe that anyone would slaughter a deer and then dump body parts along a road. How very cruel and lacking in compassion. It's no longer deer season is it? And this one had to be a doe, aren't there restrictions on "doe season?"

  2. It's Columbia, there are no restrictions if you're part of the "in" crowd.

  3. So..... in speaking with some businesses recently, it seems some of them are being charged up to 8 times what a residence is paying the water company for the Pennvest loan THEY took out. AND apparently the PUC blessed the 13% increase after denying the 22%, as well as the Pennvest surcharge.

    1. Really ??? even stock holders that own business?

  4. All the pictures are great the one about the deer is very sad who could something like that?

  5. High taxes and high water bills, instead of Crimson Tide, it should be called High Tide.

  6. If the deer gut pile was near route 30 (not on it) it was struck by a car and killed last week. Someone wanted the meat and that is why it was there. I think it was near Laurel Hill Cemetery. Rather than let it sit there and rot, someone got some nutrition out of it.

  7. The deer insides are from a deer that was hit by a car Saturday evening and running along route 30 west bound. both front legs on the deer were broke. The police were called and they had to shoot it. It was a sad situation but it is better than having it run into traffic and cause a serious accident. The reason I know so much is because I saw the deer running along the highway and called the police for everyone's safety.

  8. Did they drive the deer to Laurel Hill? There is a fence at the west side of the bypass and it would be very difficult to lift a dead deer over the fence. There is some distance between the fence and the road at Laurel Hill. I agree a deer that is injured must be put down. It just seems very odd where the remains were located.

  9. If you ever make your way to laurel hill and walk up the road some of the fence is damaged and the deer ran through that part of the fence and ended up in the trees on the other side of the road. The police shoot the deer and had it on the road. I saw them gut it and put it in the back of a truck.

  10. Unless someone in your family has passed away from breast cancer, I would have to say that breast cancer awareness hasn't gone far enough.

  11. Thanks for explaining about the deer. I feel better knowing. It is still sad because clearly it was a doe carrying two embryos.