Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I saw recently

Some shots from around town over the past week . . .

 Another load of stone being delivered to Columbia Plaza last Tuesday for the renovation project.

Shortly thereafter, this Cooper's Hawk, possibly named Bradley, dined on a hapless mouse at River Park . . . 

 The bridge that everyone loves

 Under the bridge

 On the job

 Glutted with phone books no one wants

 On the lookout

 Throwing the ice back into the river where it belongs

 Fire two!

 Fixing a hole beside Burning Bridge Antiques
(Who's that guy in the middle?)

 Another view of the bridge - from the Wrightsville side

 A fire waiting to happen at 304 Union. 

 11: "Look, it's the pineapple things."
10: "Love the pineapple things."
11: "What ARE the pineapple things?"
10: "No idea."
(That's an in-joke only Whovians will understand.)

 Wall of stones at the Route 30 bypass construction site

 Reptilicus rubbericus

 Troweling on Sunday at Columbia Plaza
(Isn't that against the 26th Commandment or something?)

 Looking down on us

 A detective has been detected.

 Bird on ice

Checkin' it out

This huge army helicopter flew low along the Columbia side of the Susquehanna today (Sunday).
I wonder if the crew is practicing maneuvers for possible deployment to the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the GREAT pics Cole!!! Always love the bridge pics....but hey isn't it dangerous to be standing on the ice on the river-along with a child on a 40+ degree day. Phone books should STOP being delivered....what an extreme waste of hundreds of thousands of trees!

Anonymous said...

What i saw today..... a guy taking pictures... yeppers ......

Joe Lintner said...

Yes, standing on the ice can be dangerous. And phone books are obsolete.