Thursday, January 8, 2015

DA says Lancaster County-wide police force would save money, solve more crimes

Stedman has been an advocate for regional policing: the consolidation of numerous, smaller departments which work under separate contracts for separate bosses.
His vision for Lancaster County includes keeping Lancaster city police as is, but combining the county's dozens of other suburban departments.


  1. Sign Columbia up.

  2. This is how its done in a lot of other states. Gets rid of all the duplication of services that these communities are wasting their money on now. Instead of having so many police chiefs, detectives, seargents, dispatchers, & such, there would be more patrolman on the street.

  3. > "you’d need fewer officers"

    In other words, out-of-town cops dealing with people they don't know. I'd rather have local police who know the people, the family conflicts and neighborhoods. Less chance of an overreaction.

  4. This is why Columbia has the problems it has. If you are a certain person in this town you'll get treated differently. Police are supposed to be professionals, & treat the incident as per the law. No favors