Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Saw - January 29, 2015

On Garfield Road . . . 

Mr. & Mrs. Snowperson - and son (?)

and their horse (complete with saddle and bridle)

Another stab at per diem reform

Lawmakers have been criticized for racking up thousands of dollars in per diem payments in a year. Others have been exposed for collecting per diems that were used to help pay for properties they bought in Harrisburg.

Sarris Candies displays “deflategate” chocolate football

CANONSBURG – Sarris Candies confectioners are getting some "kicks" out of their latest creation. The "Bradie" ball is every bit as sweet as the other chocolate footballs they sell, but has a noticeable dip in its side.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ex Daughtry drummer Joey Barnes performs in Columbia

He'll be heading to Lancaster County this weekend, for a three-part performance in Columbia, on Friday at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen, Saturday at Columbia Kettle Works and Sunday at Garth Gallery.

What I saw recently

 Warthog hotdoggin' it low over Columbia

 Ice sculpture down at the boat ramp

The first robin of . . . winter?

Hershey's lawsuit sparks British revolt for superior Cadbury chocolate

"I can't understand why anyone who had tasted proper chocolate would ever buy Hershey's," said Gillon. "Hershey's is fine until you begin eating it. It's like eating plastic. It's the only chocolate we would consider using for making s'mores at camp fires because you wouldn't use good chocolate for that."

Pa. gas taxes are highest in the nation, according to GasBuddy

Pennsylvania has passed New York and California by earning the dubious distinction of having the highest gasoline taxes in the nation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Columbia sewer plant may go green with $511,000 state loan - Local News -

Pennsylvania's Alternative and Clean Energy Program approved a loan request for the borough to purchase and install an anaerobic digester at the site of the wastewater treatment plant, according to a press release from state Sen. Ryan P. Aument.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

What I saw recently

 "Behind the scenes" at the Columbia Plaza renovation

 Down by the tracks, four engines in a row

 On Garfield Road, Mount Joy. (Note the hand.)

Photo session at River Park

Feeding time at 8th & Locust

They're back!

Cedar waxwings took over the same tree as last time at Trinity House Apartments today. A drama unfolded as a flock of impudent starlings moved in and drove them out, but the waxwings rallied and returned, forcing out the starlings and reclaiming the tree . . . 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Be careful out there

This afternoon's snow has caused dangerous road conditions in the area.
 Route 30 at Hill Street overpass
(Photo by Phil Shirk)

Columbia Avenue and Oswego Drive
(Photo by Sharon Lintner) 

A partial list of traffic incidents as of 4:13 p.m.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The lights are back on

The street lights in front of the Third Street side of Burning Bridge Antiques are back on, thanks to Ron Miller, Jake, and the borough crew.

Men at work

Masons were stacking blocks at the Columbia Water Company today.

And these guys were doing something similar a few blocks up, near Third and Walnut.

Unattended open burning next to vehicles

This fire burned and smoldered unattended for at least three hours next to parked vehicles at the Catholic War Vets today. I thought the borough had an ordinance forbidding open burning.

Columbia school district names new business manager

Columbia school board at a meeting Jan. 15 named the district's new business manager.

Amy E. Light will take over effective March 16 and earn $85,000 per year. She replaces Laura Cowburn, who has been with the district 17 years and is retiring.


They're on!

The recently installed lights at the Columbia Plaza were lit this afternoon. Several lights still need to be installed on the northern section of the building.

Local-to-local mail delivery now takes 2 days instead of 1

The U.S. Postal Service has ended next-day delivery of most first-class mail sent locally as part of its ongoing overhaul to save money.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What I saw recently

 More light duty

 Seen in York - easily accessible buttons.  A good idea for Columbia?

 Seen in Wrightsville - people do love that bridge.

 On the job

 Crow's nest?

 Emergency personnel at a recent call

 Apparently, the logo for a local band.  Could be used for the Susquehanna, too.

 Several Lancaster County Dollar Generals have been robbed recently.  I hope ours isn't next.

 Almost sunset on the Susquehanna

 Newly opened Mattress Mart at Front & Bridge

 Did anyone remember to put the jumper cables away?

More stars and strips forever