Friday, December 5, 2014

Stringing the lights

Seen today . . .

Fire crews stringing the lights at Locust Street Park for Saturday night's tree lighting ceremony.


  1. thank you! this is what its all about! community togetherness!!!! Merry Christmas to all :)

  2. Many kudo's to Truck 801 crew, professional job who got the job done!

  3. Speaking of the crew from Truck 801, what is going to happen with the equipment that currently sits idle at the consolidated fire department. Seems to me this is a huge waste of resources. I asked a fire fighter from one of the active companies in town and he had no idea. I asked him if his company would have the personnel to staff the equipment and he told me that most of the time the two active companies could staff the equipment. With that information, It would seem logical for the consolidated company to give up the equipment so it could be used to protect the citizens of the town.