Sunday, December 28, 2014

Salt must go before bridge project begins

We know that too much salt is bad for your health, but it can be bad for the health of concrete structures, also. Rock salt (sometimes called "road salt" due to its use on icy roads) currently being stored under the Veterans Memorial Bridge may be contributing to spalling and cracking on bridge piers in close proximity to the salt pile, and PennDOT may require the borough to move the salt in the near future. At Columbia Borough Council's Meeting of the Whole last Monday, Mayor Lutz stated the need for a pole barn or shed to contain the salt. The salt is used by borough and school district maintenance personnel. Lutz said that in the next year or two the bridge will undergo the largest bridge restoration project in Pennsylvania.

  A salt pile under the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 Deterioration at the base of a pier near the salt pile

 Spalling and cracking on one of the soldier piers, shown here and below


  1. Someone stated that the salt has been stored there for 20 years. On summer days when the humidity is high, it seems as if it could cause some damage. Just because it was stored there for so long, doesn't make it a good idea. It's been stored there free for 20 years, with what we pay in taxes the borough could build a storage unit.

  2. This is just stupid people,, i mean stupid!!!!

  3. yep another one of those with no brain making dumb decisions that will cost the taxpayers even more money! hope the school district pays for their share/use of thie salt!