Monday, December 1, 2014

More from the Gingerbread Tour

Depending on which form you use, there are are six (or seven) locations on the tour, most on Locust Street. Visit each location, rate the creation, and get a sticker to place on the contest ballot.  Drop off the completed form at the Visitors Center, 445 Linden Street.  The deadline is Friday, December 5.
Go HERE for more information.

 Originally displayed in the Superintendent's House (which it depicts) at Mount Bethel Cemetery, this creation by Rich and Charlene Bair is now in the window of the Borough Offices.

 This one is at Hinkle's.

 The owner of Gramma's Home Accents couldn't get a Santa boot, so he used this shoe instead to convey his message. He said he always likes to take a different path from the norm.

 Another one, this time at Geltz Gotz Goodeze.

Posted previously. Seen at St. Paul's Episcopal.

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