Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Keeping an eye on things

Four new security cameras were installed Monday at the Northwest River Trail Services Building at Columbia River Park. Installation was approved November 24 at Columbia Borough Council's Meeting of the Whole. The total cost for the cameras was $9420, with half coming from a grant and half from the borough. Including an existing camera near the front of the building, the addition of the four new cameras (two outside and two inside) brings the total number of cameras monitoring the building to five. 

 A technician checks an existing camera near the front of the building.

 Installation of this new camera on the south side of the building is almost complete.

A second camera, almost ready, on the north side.

A long view of the camera shown above.


  1. This is just great! Why didn't the building grant include these cameras!!!! More money wasted.......

  2. Also, in the beautiful building, there is nothing in that place!

  3. oh and the match is from TAXPAYERS ! thanks to personal agendas! oh and do they have someone who is watching ALL these cameras in the Boro 24/7 ???? and WHO"S going to pay for that???

  4. I was in the building and there is nothing in that 2 million dollar building!

  5. these people have these visions..but they are too ignorant to see them thru. who has to pay to clean the bldg, the restrooms, maintain it, surveil it. police it, protect it????? i just don't understand that people can NOT think. another personal agenda that cost us taxpayers MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS...the sad thing is the ONLY thing needed here was 1. a nice big pavillion. 2. restrooms. 3. parking. THAT'S IT. NOW there is NO green space left to throw down a blanket and have a picnic. there are NO trash cans to place your trash in. you spend millions on the bldg and can't or won't spend hundreds on trash removal....wth??? and the Boro hiway dept HAS ITS OWN trash truck! now THAT"S crazy. but the building does look beautiful! but there's SO much more than that to think about.....and you wonder why people get the sh--- of the blatant waste of money, power and personal agendas.