Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I Saw November 23, 2014

A few shots from around town today . . .

There's an old Jethro Tull song by that name . . .

 Cairn-like stacks of bricks,
Reminds me of something artist Andy Goldsworthy might have done.

 Stone facing on the pillars of the Visitors Center, similar to - but not the same as - those at the Columbia Plaza.

 Someone spayed creosote on this utility pole on Linden Street.
The problem is they sprayed the already narrow sidewalk, too.
Probably our friends at PPL.

 They're still at it.
Inane graffiti at Locust Street Park.

And a hairline crack on a bench. Could be the beginning of the end for this one, as well.


  1. now the people who live in the area MUST call the police....and people driving they know when these punk kids are there !!

    1. maybe. but these kids are stil there everday and the are loitering which is one of the first rules of the park. Just yesterda a cop drove by and they where about 12 kids in the park. no response by the cop. The Cops are not enforcing the rules peroid!
      Call will not help.......

    2. There was a gang sitting nearby, watching me as I shot the pic of the cracked bench.

    3. The cops should sit in a crusier between 3 and 5 pm at the top at the park to rid the unruly gangs. What ever happen to the police on bicycles?

  2. I called the Columbia Police last evening around 4 pm. there where two gangs of kids in the park. The dispatch ask me all kinds of questions like what park? what is the adddress??? duh 500 block of Locust Street can't miss it! etc. A Police officer did come by and spoke to me. It did not go well........ The officer ask me what they where doing. I told him on skateboard and jumping up and down on the park benches. he said well they are not doing it now. I just laugh at him and told him to look at the sign at the entrance at the parks for the rules - first rule is NO Loitering! he said they are allow in the park. He then said we are to move them out when it gets dark and if they are on Skate boards or have a dog. and again said look at the sign buddy! He did not like me calling him buddy......... he then said it must be a new sign...... OMG the signs have been up there for at least 15 years or so. He then began patronizing me. He then read the sign and actually walk up the park spoke to a few a the juveniles and got back in his crusier a left the scene. But the gangs where still there until well after dark!!! So I did call and not a damn thing was done about the gangs!!! come on Chief of police get your officers on the stick and do something.

  3. The council discussed the possibility of memorializing benches and tables at the river park. Who wants to pay for that if they are going to be defaced. I saw one plaque on a bench at locust street park that had graffitti actually sratched into the plaque itself. People pay for these. Why did council make the changes with public grounds again? Oh yes, so the cops could enforce the regulations now !!