Friday, November 28, 2014

Seen today at 855 Chestnut


  1. Wait a minute, there was a post on this site on October 19, 2014 showing the rear wall at this property being removed, so why is this permit dated over one month later? I did not see a permit posted until recently. With the zoning problem on thirteenth street, one would think permits and work would be closely scrutinized. I must buy permits for work at my property and tearing down a brick wall is quite a project and it is in the historic district.

  2. i totally agree 100 % . that is accurate. i wondered the same thing. can not believe this. now where are all of our borough council officials

  3. Maybe it was due to the diligence of a council member that got this corrected...ever think of that before slamming them?

  4. Yeah that's it
    Has nothing to do with owner possibly having connections at boro hall
    That never happens right Seibert

  5. This listed permit is for the reconstruction of the front porch, which would be a separate permit. Under HARB and Columbia Codes, you must present a permit for each project on different facades of the structure.
    We need not attack the person(s) who are doing a great service to our historical district. Every permit this contractor purchase is one step closer to completion of a beautiful mansion.
    How much do you think it costs to renovate a front porch on this home? $20-30,000

  6. Yes, let's hope that it is one step closer to a renovation.

  7. I hope that I'm given as much leniency if I begin a project and remember I need a permit over a month into the project.

  8. The permit clearly states that it is for multiple repairs including the wrap around porch and the rear wall. Sounds to me like that would then be 2 separate permits. It does not matter how wonderful the project is, all people must play by the borough rules.

    1. And it's no wonder why people leave this boro. Between antiquated permit processes (money-making scheme) and a complete JOKE of a historic district, it isn't worth trying to fix anything up. Just let the properties collapse on their own.

      PA needs to get rid of these little fiefdoms of boroughs and townships. It isn't 1700 anymore.


  9. i do believe removing a rear wall constitutes MORE than this permit...a month later. yes it's awesome someone bought this old beauty and is going to rehab it...but the bottom line is jo schmo HAS to have apermit. where are the code officers????? sleeping? they clearly don't know the IMPORTANT things that are going on in the boro. now THAT IS A PROBLEM.