Sunday, October 26, 2014

What I saw recently

 Touching up at Saint Paul Lutheran Church

 Glass pumpkins at Through the Fire Studios

 Sidewalk in progress along Front Street


 The work continues
(855 Chestnut)

 Starlings staring

 Hung up

Route 441 bypass project continues . . . 

 Christmas begins
(Burning Bridge Antiques)

The swimming hole needs more fill.
Maybe it can be taken from the bypass project.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great pics!!!!
question - does 855 Chestnut St the old Long Funeral home have a permit????????????

Joe Lintner said...

As of yesterday, I didn't see one displayed on the property.

Anonymous said...

me neither. this is serious. WHAT the hell do codes officers actually do???? HARASS the TAXPAYING homeowner who is trying to hold onto their homes. a permit would indeed be required for the type of work they are doing. wth??? hell it looks like they're tearing exterior walls out! this WOULD require a permit from the boro WITH approval from the 3rd party INSPECTOR. SERIOUS STUFF. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. TOTALLY.

Anonymous said...

another case of people being TOO comfortable in their jobs. the town is ONLY 2 sq miles. why DOESN"T the code officers at the VERY least - WEEKLY - make sure they have traveled EVERY STREET. INSTEAD of harrassing the same HOMEOWNERS over and over and over. oh yeah and 1 of the codes guys spends MORE time standing around OUTSIDE smoking than ACTUALLY doing something... what a blatant waste of taxpayer money....