Monday, September 1, 2014

Miles Deli offers subs salads, and, of course - Shifters!

Miles Deli proprietor Paul Miles invites everyone to come in and try his fresh cheeses, meats, and sandwiches every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The deli offers a variety of cheeses at reasonable prices . . . 

as well as fresh meats ranging from ham to bologna to sausage.

In addition to subs, salads, and shifters, Miles Deli is now offering 8-inch cheese steaks on a trial run.
Menu items can be ordered by calling 380-2730.

In the front of the shop, Keagy's Farm Market offers a variety of fresh produce . . . 

Victor Felix of Keagy's is ready to assist you with your order.

Miles Deli is located at 438 Locust Street, along with Keagy's Farm Market.
Business hours are Thursday and Friday, 8-6; and Saturday, 8-4.

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  1. how about handing out menu's? do you have lettuce salads??? nice for lunch!!