Saturday, August 16, 2014

A comment on Columbia fire company consolidation

Go HERE to read a letter to the editor questioning Columbia's proposed fire company consolidation.


  1. your homework. the location is NOT an issue. this consolidation is a MUST...along with our school district who should be FORCED to consolidate and then next not sure why police aren't forced to consolidate. this boro can NOT AFFORD to keep running. and with the sale of waste water treatment plant there will be NO money coming in. None. Zip. Nada. NONE.....

  2. Consolidating the fire departments make sense due to the large capital engines are very expensive. Please, do not buy into sales pitch that consolidating the police department will save money because they do not. Sure, there are savings up front but as time goes on, it actually costs more money and you receive lesser service.

  3. I like how the writer of this letter states that once merged the company shouldn't be responding outside the boro for mutual aid. Oh so when we have a need for other companies to come into town to help us let's not return the favor when they need our help. Boy I bet that would last real long. All companies help each other and should remain that way even the paid police departments help each other out when needed.