Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tax relief from from gambling holds steady

Columbia will get $301 per property.


  1. Unfortunately the taxes in Columbia do go up, so taxpayers in this town will see an increase.This is not a consolation for boro residents. When are our leaders going to start the process with the state to consolidate with another school district. The consolidation of the fire companies isn't near as important as this.
    A certain few of them want patted on the back for a bypass. Meanwhile the people living in this town can't afford to pay the taxes on their houses. Why don't we just keep raising the taxes so there won't be a town to bypass.

  2. ^^^ Well said!
    Officials need to set their priorities straight and start thinking of the tax payers pocket and the future though the 441 bypass will help the down town and rid it of tractor trailer traffic and the fire company consolidations well who knows on that one.

  3. yep. been saying this for years. no one cares. no one listens. it'll be a ghost town.