Thursday, July 3, 2014

State funding increases do little to help cash-strapped Columbia schools

The newly passed state budget offers the high-poverty Columbia schools a little extra cash, but the amount is less than what district leaders were counting on.

The smaller increase " will continue to squeeze Columbia financially," said Laura Cowburn, the district's business manager.



  1. This is how the state can force scool districts to consolidate.
    They need to do something to the pensions too.

  2. This State will never do that. There is way too much political power in the rich townships like Manor Township, etc., to ever get enough votes on a State level to force the rich townships to take over the poor school districts, we're on our own and we need to go after more grant money for our School District, big time.

  3. we need to set goals, like a goal to be the #1 School System in Lancaster County