Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking like a pagoda?

This stage of the Visitors' Center construction has it looking much like a pagoda.


  1. Replies
    1. Who is going to pay for the help at the Taj Mahal??

  2. Anyone taking bets on how long before it sits abandoned?


  3. what a sad waste of green space...lots of families would rather have grass to lay a blanket and have a picnic and fish...bathrooms were the ONLY thing needed along with the pavillion...this is so out of place...the bldg is HUGE and takes up WAY too much space. another black mark for council who allowed all this nonsense for 1 or 2 people.

  4. could you please go to easier letters and or numbers to verify i am NOT a robot...i can not read most of them. thank you.

  5. of course the taxpayers ARE paying for the Taj Mahal and WILL continue to do so for eternity.....1 part of the building would have been awesome for restrooms but the whole thing is WAY WAY to BIG for the amount of space....and what???? oh yeah, lets have this enormous building and try to draw people to it but wait...theres NOWHERE to park. doesn't ANYONE have a thinker anymore? and we are paying MILLIONS for this and CAN"T afford to pay our mortgage.

  6. you know I have to say I agree with some of the comments.! think this is overkill...one small building and restrooms are the ONLY thing that was needed with the boat ramp..another problem is...theres NOT ENOUGH parking for just vehicles WITHOUT trailers. its a sad day that this and the last council so easily went along with the millions and millions of dollars thrown away for this project. hell, you could have repaved most of the streets in town. God knows they need it.

  7. good point. the streets are improving little by little but there are whole streets that go on for blocks that are in real bad condition.
    the RR tracks at grinnell (both sets) are horrible....i'm sure they (Grinnell) won't pay to fix them right...they would just move out of town...what a shame...theres an awful lot of traffic on Malleable Road..