Friday, July 25, 2014

Columbia Plaza is getting a facelift

The following flyer was distributed recently at the Columbia Plaza on Lancaster Avenue.  The "facelift" will be undertaken by Paul Risk Associates, Inc., whose websites are HERE and HERE.
More on this as it develops.

These barriers are being stored beside The Dollar Store at the Columbia Plaza.


  1. Lipstick on a pig.


  2. A lot of older Columbians depend on Musser's market, so put on a little lipstick and keep on serving the borough residents. Thanks :)

  3. Huge tax break here. Lets try and lower your prices!

  4. really? thank you for the facelift. i LOVE shopping at mussers and you can't buy any better meat anywhere.

  5. The meat is good, but they over charge a lot and the prices of other things are out of touch!!