Sunday, July 27, 2014

A tour of Mount Bethel

 This past Friday, Ron Mable, volunteer superintendent of Mount Bethel Cemetery, gave an informative tour of the cemetery grounds.  The tour was sponsored by the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce.  The 300-year-old cemetery holds the remains of veterans from all our country's major wars, as well as local personages from the past, including Columbia poet and painter, Lloyd Mifflin, and his father, John Houston Mifflin.
Currently, the cemetery is struggling financially.  If it "goes under," Columbia Borough will take over ownership and be responsible for the maintenance of the grounds.

Here, Ron Mable shows the grave marker of Joseph S. Hagman, a Union Civil War veteran who was a prisoner at Andersonville, a Confederate prison in Georgia.

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  1. "If it goes under????" Columbia Borough SHOULD keep its nose out of this and everything it else....we are dead broke. What the heck don't they understand??? Wheres the money coming for to pay for the upkeep and maintenance for this??? What about the famed river park. what a ridiculous WASTE of millions and millions of dollars. ALL that was needed was a nice pavillion and bathrooms. this is downright unAmerican to waste our taxpayer money in such a way.