Thursday, July 31, 2014

A sick river: Susquehanna should be declared 'impaired'

There was a time when you would not hesitate to eat a fish caught in the Susquehanna River. As recently as 2005, Bassmaster Magazine listed the Susquehanna as one of the best “smallmouth (bass) destinations” in the country.
But if you catch a smallmouth bass in the river today, you might be grossed out by what’s at the end of the line.
The Susquehanna is now home to transsexual and mucus- and lesion-covered smallmouth bass.
Because the fish do not tolerate pollution well, it’s a strong indication that the river is polluted.



  1. this is so very wrong. where are our illustrious powers that be??? for all the millions and millions of dollars they are spending on river park it's hard to believe they aren't pulling out all stops to have the river declared sick?? i'm beginning to wonder just what the heck is really going on.

  2. i agree. DCNR and DEP are doing EVERYTHING in their power to NOT declare the river sick....where is the maoyor, the boro mgr, senator brubaker and state rep hickernell???

  3. I wonder if the Landfill has anything to do with the sickness ?

  4. i'd guess years and years of abuse from industries, power plants, farmlands and litter and pollution.