Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I saw recently

Some recent pics from around town . . .


 I wonder if they caught the perpetrator.
(Laurel Hill Cemetery)

 Smoothing . . . 

 the concrete.

 Mark Kise's masterpiece is finished.



 Peeking out

 Out Off Business
(Does that mean they're out of business, because business was off?)

 Ribbed sky

Progress at River Park


  1. Hey Cole, any info on the rumored stabbing/police incident on the 800 block of Spruce Street last night (sat night) around 2 or 3??? Didn't see anything in the news today.

  2. Why are half the new lights out on the bridge and half filled with water

  3. Stabbing or shooting will not be reported until they become U.S. citizens!! Also, a man was run over and killed on Manor Street 3 months ago. Nothing reported on police report or news!!

  4. what a HUGE waste of taxpayers money....ALL that was needed at the river park was the old boat ramp (which was perfect) a pavillion and rest rooms. thats it. thank Mary for the millions and millions of dollars this river park is and will continue to cost us taxed out property owners now. this is a sin that it was allowed. theres not even any nice grassy areas left to put a blanket down and read a good book...doesn't ANYONE have a clue?????????

  5. kudos to Mark Kise! what an amazing artist!!!!!! one of Columbias gems!!!!
    wouldn't it be awesome to see some more of his amazing artwork of old Columbia history on more architectural buildings?'s a good day :)