Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Do-Nothing Dave" sidesteps again

Today, Lancaster Newspapers began an informative series of reports on Columbia Borough's financial state, an apt time to do so, considering Monday night's council vote on LASA.
As I read the report, I found it quite troubling that PA State Representative Dave Hickernell, who represents the borough, refuses to state whether or not he supports a natural gas extraction tax or other tax to help fund education. Setting aside my belief that in politcalese that means "no," I have to ask Rep. Hickernell two questions:
1. What is your stand?
2. Why are you afraid to make your views known?
We, as taxpayers, have the right to know a public servant's stance as well as the justification for it.

Rep. Hickernell must have built-in night vision, considering how he operates so much in the dark.  For example, when questioned by Columbia Borough Councilman Jim Smith at a town meeting last December on why the borough did not get any of the extra $30.3 million in state funding, Hickernell replied, "Most representatives were unaware of the 'carve out.'"  He added that it was clear "most of us were in the dark."

You certainly nailed it there, Dave. You were in the dark. Blindfolded and wearing sunglasses.  But the nagging question remains: "Why were you?"
Unless Rep. Hickernell gets on the ball, keeps his constituents informed, and works for them instead of his cronies in Harrisburg, we'll just have to call him "Do-Nothing Dave."


  1. so you're basing your opinion of "do nothing Dave" on his response to "no show and no vote Jim's " question ? As a matter of fact, Hickernell has done a lot for this Borough and I if he wants to remain neutral on one topic, I'm sure he has good reason and I'm not going to hold that against him

  2. Thank is neither plausible nor acceptable. He should get no credit for doing his job.

  3. For Dave to have one of the neediest school districts in the state, & not know there was a $30 mill pot of money available to some school districts is unconsionable.
    He is not helping Cola taxpayers, he's one of the reasons why Cola taxpayers are paying too much for their taxes. Legislators like him aren't doing anything to resolve this states education system fiasco. This state is seeing segragation of the haves & have nots by school districts.

  4. Amen. and we are ignorant to keep voting for and keeping them in office. NO ONE should be allowed to serve more than 4 years and should collect NOTHING from your own health insurance. we have to.

  5. exactly. what a waste. this is the poorest school district in pa and the powers that be do absolutely NOTHING to change it. enact a tax for all renters. up the state tax that EVERYONE pays and not just some. clean up this town. get rid of all these rental props and STOP allowing more homes to be bought and rented. make ALL current rental props up to snuff. codes SHOULD concentrate on ALL the bad landlords and be a thorn in thier side UNTIL they clean em up. lastly, the school district MUST consolidate. period. no other options.