Friday, June 27, 2014

10 things to know about Columbia's sale of its wastewater assets

Columbia officials voted on June 23 to sell the borough's wastewater assets to the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority.

Here are 10 key points about the deal



  1. this is by far the WORST vote in Columbias History. Wrong. wrong. wrong. NOW there will be NO income. wonder how the Boro plans to proceed???? who or what is going to pay all the bills? What a sin. Norm Meiskey set out to sell the sewer plant and thats exactly what happened. AFTER it was decided some 6 years ago NOT to. tsk. tsk. and we trust these people to do the right thing. what a joke. they let it happen. i have absolutely NO RESPECT for any of these who sit on council. and who would allow this to happen. i can not imaginge some laws weren't broken. all they see is the $8.6 mil and guess what they have a $5 MIL DEBT TO SATISFY FIRST and oh whats that???? the boro took out a large bond, i believe $20 mil to rehab or build a new sewer plant. WHERE IS THAT MONEY???????? MILLIONS OF DOLLARS????? this should have NEVER happened.

  2. some good points.....i do recall reading about all this over the past couple years.
    yeah where is the $20 million bond money? How in the hell does the Boro plan to operate WITHOUT the couple hundred thousand a month income from the sewer plant. oh what? you didn't know that? you would if you'd take an interest...this vote SHOULD be vetoed. its the ABSOLUTE WORST VOTE IN THE HISTORY OF COLUMBIA AND WILL FOREVER CHANGE THE FUTURE OF COLUMBIA...and not for the good.

  3. well said. this boro is about to change and NOT in a good way.
    i can't believe council lied at the mtg, took the vote and DID NOT listen to the evidence.
    what a bunch of BS. the "shit is about to hit the fan" and the outcome will NOT be least NOT for the hard working taxpaying homeowners of the boro.