Monday, December 30, 2013

What I saw recently

Did this event ever happen? 
It was snowing heavily the evening of Saturday, December 14, when the tree lighting ceremony was scheduled.  I assumed - perhaps wrongly - that it had been canceled.  The next day, I saw firemen adding more lights to the tree, so I figured they hadn't gotten finished on Saturday.  I arrived Sunday evening at about 6 o'clock and got photos of the tree, but the park was otherwise empty.

Friday a week ago, this huge wooden crate passed through town at dusk. It was escorted by a lead vehicle, two state police cruisers, and a Columbia Police cruiser.  The huge shipment took up about one-and-a-half traffic lanes.  (This shot was taken at Locust Street and Route 462.)

The trailer proceeded east on 462, then turned left onto Prospect Road, then left on Marietta Avenue, and right onto 441.  Was it going to TMI?  HIA?

Is this what Santa used to pull his sleigh this year?

A close-up of the aforementioned vehicle.

A work in progress along Route 462, right next to Royer's Flowers and Gifts.

Mount Zion AME Church on Fifth Street, early in the morning

A good way to keep your cooler . . . cooler

Where's the Maytag repairman when you need him?

An ET watching the decline of Western civilization

Baby Jesus kicking back and taking it easy on his birthday

Yeah, that's what I think of his music, too.



Stinky said...

The tree lighting did happen on Sat. evening. I watched from a second story window on Locust St.

The large container was a Christmas present for my GF.

Joe Lintner said...

Thanks for the info. Sorry I missed it.