Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I saw recently

Some photos from around town over the past week . . . 

 200 block of Locust

 Pillars at the River Park project

 Two trains side-by-side on parallel sets of tracks

 A sign of winter

 Ready for the alien autopsy

 Denizen of the darkness

 Fading in the fog

 Looking at the Wrightsville side

 Copper-topped clock tower at town hall

 The leak continues at the Columbia Plaza parking lot.

 Water has been leaking here for several years.  Could it lead to a sinkhole?

Nature's designs . . .


Anonymous said...

Cole,.some absolutely beautiful pictures again this week. Thanks for reminding us that Columbia is not all bad as some would believe.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! thanks for the awesome pics!!!! some real beauties....thank you.

Joe Lintner said...


Joe Lintner said...

Thanks. There's still a lot of good, despite what the naysayers believe.

Anonymous said...

oh there is definitely some good in this boro...only thing is, we could use some REAL residents are are concerned for our future...the boro and school are killing us with all their outrageous spending. i wish some interested people would get involved. one person CAN make a difference